K9 Interaction


If you've ever witnessed the thrill of seeing a dog and its handler navigating a course of jumps, tunnels, ramps and weave poles, then you'll know that agility is something special.

The main focus is to accurately navigate an increasingly complex set of obstacles with your dog. It is a physical and mental challenge which you can take at your own pace, and there are excellent benefits for both of you.

There is no specific breed or temperament requirements, and dogs of all ages can take part. Classes last for 90 minutes and we keep the number of dogs to a minimum to ensure you get a fun and worthwhile experience.

We run classes for all abilities, so whether you would struggle to separate your "A-frame" from your "dog walk" or you are harbouring ambitions to take your dog round the course in record time, get in touch.


In the summer we train outside in our training field which we are lucky to call our back garden, surrounded by beautiful scenery. It is securely fenced around the perimeter so your dog won't be able to run off into the woods, although we can't guarantee they won't try!

Being based in England, the weather is changeable to say the least, so when it's cold or rainy we retire to the fit-for-purpose barn and focus on the technical stuff that gets the grey matter working for two and four-legged folk alike!


All of our equipment is of the highest quality. We endeavour to use the same equipment as Crufts and professional agility competitions, but it's actually very expensive! We therefore do make some of our equipment in-house.

You can see our timetable here.