Our gundog classes are for any breed that loves to retrieve toys and you wish them to respond to a whistle. Our aim is to have fun with our dogs and the ultimate reward is to get the toy, this includes them waiting while the toy is thrown, distance stops, directional hand signals, and returning on a whistle. 

Plus lots more! 

 This training does need to have regular input while you are not actually in a class but if this isnt what you are looking for then have a look at our scentwork training.

We often combine the two activities with great results.


Our scentwork classes are either for complete fun or you can aim to do it as a dog sport with regular trials nationally.

Over a period of time we train the dogs to find specific scents both inside and out and it is suitable for all breeds and ages, puppies and dogs with injuries or disabilities – scentwork is a non injurious sport.

As a training activity, scentwork is fun, very rewarding and at the same time mentally tiring for your dog. It will improve the relationship between you and your dog and is a great confidence builder especially for the shy dog.